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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Street Car Fest

Ok, after having spent 25 minutes on this entry, it turned out to be utter crap with no coherence what so ever. More like a point list of what happened to me this weekend, which obviously sucks, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Went to basement on Friday. Kick-ass gig, nice 3-hour set by Jackvi.
Spent the entire day with my special cute girl ;)
Want to do that again.

Fell asleep early on Saturday instead of going out.
Woke up early (after being rudely awoken by my ex on the phone at 0220 at night) at 0800. We went to Street Car Fest (I drove my friends car, check the entry two days ago). It was cool, saw a couple of nice cars. More styling and sound than performance though. =(
Only one miata, and we only just saw that as we were leaving.
He has the clutch from hell, and the smallest racing chairs I have even been in. I'm fairly sure it goes fast as a motherfucker too.
They tell me it was better yesterday, but ohh well...

There, done.
Now: Sponge Cake!

--Markus Out


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