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Thursday, July 21, 2005


You never know how good it is to have a good monitor until you're suffered through the use of a bad one.

I sit here looking at some pictures in a friends blog (and elsewhere) and I'm struck by the fact that I can't see dark colors, or most backgrounds properly.
I began knowing on my mind yesterday as I was browsing some miata pics (my obsession), but it was clearer today, when I realized that what my monitor at home had no problem displaying, with an ambient light on, this monitor at work it completely incapable of displaying.
Had this been a crappy LCD, I would have understood it, but this is a sun CRT. It SHOULD be able to render colors the way they are supposed to look. The luminance and contrast was way off.
Granted, at home I have a really really good monitor, while this at work is something I just kind of got stuck with, but still.

Maybe it's the turbo lighting we have here in the lab, but pictures are hard to make out.

I'm sure these conditions enhance terminal contrast or something, but looking at color images isn't something that works well here.
And I can't go installing color profilers either, I just don't know enough about them to do a good job.

Maybe I can tweak some settings or something.
Turn the light out maybe.

--Markus out


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