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Friday, July 15, 2005

Love for material things

I'm back in love with my car.
The rules say that I don't need the frog eyes up unless it's dark. Helps both looks an aerodynamics.
I got my exhaust fixed aswell, so now it purrs like a kitten. A very very large kitten, but a kitten none the less.
I also found out that I don't have to do any knob turning when I turn the car on. My fog lights come on by themselves. This is good for many reasons. I won't forget to turn them off, and that's also an indication, since the car is originally form sweden, that whatever comes on when the ignition does, is the approved lighting during the day.
Still no progress on my busted left headlight, but I'll get my firestorm out tomorrow and solve any remaining problem.
Not that I don't want to get some low profile lights, but it's alot cheaper to just keep the ones I have.
I figure that if I can get my hands on a used front from a 1998, then I'll be in business.
I might also change some of the rusted details on my car, like some bolts in the engine room. For show mostly, since there's a slim chance I'll actually be removing the engine anytime soon.
But chromes or atleast stainless steel nuts and bolts dress the engine room up nicely.
I have so many plans for the car, but almost all of them cost money.
Stuff like renovating the engine room, and polishing the brakes, however, probably won't cost me more than time, elbow grease, and the price of some paint.

I took a look under my car today when they guy at the exhaust shop fixed my pipes, and there was very little rust underneath. Especially for a car that's 15 years old. Most of it was on the diff.

Ok, I'll end my renovation rant now. I'm going to jump into the shower. Basement later tonight, and I might want to freshen up.
I'll update on tomorrow on the basement experience.

--Markus out


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