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Thursday, July 14, 2005


I've wanted a proper pasta salad for over a week now, but none of my coworkers are into that at all. McDonald's yesterday,pizza hut the day before that. No wonder us geeks aren't slim around the waist...

blogging on my lunch hour...
Blogger was down when I wanted to blog yesterday. An unprecedented incident.
Went to bed around nine anyway. Good to catch up on some sleep for the upcoming weekend.
Alot of people I know are going down to the fullmoon festival in Germany. Can't really say I wish I was going. I'm sure it'll be great, but I'm not in a festival mood.
To tell you the truth, I'm not in any kind of mood at all.
The sun wasn't out today, so I drove to work with the top up.
I also have this feeling that maybe I should sell my car (not even a week old) and get something newer. Something that I don't immediately want to spent a shitload of cash on customizing.
Then there's that delicate 50000 SEK limit that I set for myself.

I figure if I pay 50k SEK for a small convertible roadster, then that's cheap enough for me to consider myself the last owner. I.e. I don't have to think about resale value if I decide to modify it in some way.
Ofcourse, hanging out on the miata.se forums, I have started to get the hankering for a car that doesn't have huge air-brakes (the frogeye lights) and requires semi-illegal light modifications to run properly.
I also found out, via our DMV (vägverket) that my car has had 19 (!) previous owners. This compared to the stated 4. Maybe someone made a mistake, and it gets a new registered owner each time you take it out of winter storage, but still.
19 owners is more than one owner per year in existence.

I will meditate on this. (Not that I actually do meditate. It'll be more like brooding and loosing sleep)

I am really looking forward to my drive on Saturday. It will probably be more or less the same drive as last week. The drive up will be mostly nighttime, maybe even with the top up. The drive down will be mid-day, hopefully basking in sunshine.
takes me roughly 45 minutes up, and 1 hour and 45 minutes back down again =)

I'm also trying to change my right light bulb, because the low beam isn't working. The high beam works fine, which is odd, because they are both in the same "bulb".
The only problem is that I have 15 years of rust that have more or less bonded two out of the three screws I need to remove with their respective counterpart, and I have no clue as to how I will solve the problem. I'd be very easy with a dremmel, but I don't have one, and I don't much feel like spending €€100 on one either, just to make 2 small cuts. (Turning the philips head screwes into ordinary flat style ones).

I've tried some 5-56 to get the rust out and lube them a bit, but no dice. I got the first one loose, but the solution to the other two still eludes me.
"...I tried beating at the stains and yelling at em..."

I might bring down my Black&Decker Firestorm on saturday and remove the problem for good and install either some plastic retainer things, or some stainless steel screws.
These things ened to be serviced every once in a while, so it helps if they are easy to remove.
The tails light just have plastics snaps. They seem to actually originate in the 90ies, while my frogeyes seems to use leftover technology from the 1960ies. (Which might not be far from the truth)

I don't want to drill them out, because the lower one is in a sticky place, but I will if I have to.
Things that need to be moved shouldn't be fastened with something that can behave like this. So steel and aluminium, to some extent, aren't good sollutions. Neither, as I saw llater, is putting the screws in, and then applying a coat of paint, effectingly sealing the screws in place, with no chance what so over of getting them out.

This, along with other things, have gotten me thinking about trading this one in for a newer car.
Granted, I still have to fix the light before selling it, but still. There are alot of things I have to do, like fick the back brakes, polish my rear-view mirror ball joints, maybe clean the engine out (polish it really, it's actually quite clean), and touching up the paint on the car. It's got all these tiny tiony white specks all over the hood that I can only assume come from pebbles or small flying creatures.

Maybe if the weather is good when I get out of the office today, I'll rethink my position. This isn't the best time to be selling a vehicle.

--Markus out


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