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filling the void

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Today marks another day on which I didn't buy a car.
They happen every now and then, and this time, the car that had caught my eye was the Mazda Miata (MX-5), especially the ones from 1998 and on.

I found alot of nice ones, and it's not like I don't have the money either, it's just that I can't find a dirt cheap one that's easy to justify economically, and I can't very well spend 12000 euro on one either, because I don't actually NEED a car, I just WANT one.

These days have a tendency to coincide with whenever I meet my old friend and his souped up Honda s2000. The fact of the matter is, that I will probably never be able to justify owning any automobile other than a cheap one for transportation of goods, and occasionally myself, in. Much less a small 2-seater sports-car for alot of money.

But I still feel that I want to enjoy any vehicle I might get. I mean, that's why i got my bike license to begin with, to be out and enjoy the road. If I'd had a well paying job and wasn't a dirt poor student, things might have been different, but since they're not, I'm going to have to make do. Maybe I'll have a dream of driving a fast car around, but I doubt it. Or even if I do, I rarely remember my dreams.

It would be nice tho...

Also, my dad has this idea. I have no clue on whether it's pure lunacy or based on actual facts, but he believes you should be able to knock of 20% or more on the list price of any used car, especially if you don't go do a dealership, and up to 50% if the car is old enough (15 years or more).

Me. I hate bargaining. I mean I like a good bargain, but the haggling and that stuff just isn't for me. If the price tag says something costs 100 euro, then that's what I pay. No fuss, and no loss of neither face nor temper. That's why I've always been very uncomfortable in tourist-trap environments and cultures when buying anything more than a carton of milk turns into a 30 minute haggling circus. I'm going to ask around and see if this (according to me) skewed world picture that my dad has is the real deal, or if he's just winging it to either keep me from buying a car, or maybe he just firmly believes in this stuff, because the cars that he has purchased (most of them costing 3-4 times more than the ones I consider) has those kinds of margins. I doubt someone who wants to sell a car for 7500 euro is willing to drop down to 5000 just because some old man says that this is the new world order. Personally, I think he's nuts.

He's always been one to say that the way he views the world is just how "it is", and not that it's his world view or whatever.
Like when I was younger and he wanted me to dress differently, he just said that "people don't like that (what you're wearing) and that's just how it is", as if the whole world had the exact same world view as he did. (And I didn't dress like a punk or anything, I just didn't button my shirt all the way up and tuck it in, I wore jeans with a t-shirt (not tucked in, thank god))

I might go at this car circus tomorrow again, unless I get some new computer hardware to play with.

-- Markus out.

P.S The topic says "Me Out Of Money" D.S


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