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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Noise (Mental and Otherwise)

Got alot of stuff on my mind today. Stuff that's not really problems as such, more like choices I have to make. Luxury problems I suppose. Like what wine to have for dinner, instead of IF I should have wine for dinner, or even worse, if I even can have dinner. Not that I like wine, but it's a fairly good analogy.

"Now these small paper squares. About a quarter of an inch on the side. And they've been impregnated with LSD..." (Ohh, and the blogger spell check doesn't know how to spell LSD...)

Tristan - Small Paper Squares.

This brings me back. What with mental noise and all...
Ohh the colors, the colors man.
Maybe some day I'll write about my experiences, but I don't think that'd make very good copy. Also, erowid.org is probably a better resource.


Lost the thread there.

Gotta get me some mental dolby, cancel this shit out. (I wonder if Prozac is the Dolby Noise Reduction to the noise we have, a little or a lot, in our collective heads?).
Helping us see things more clearly, focus. Or maybe that's Ritalin...

Speaking of noise, I spend the better part of the day right next to a SUN-Fire-V240 Sun server, and that is one loud machine, let me tell you. It probably generated 4-5 times as much noise in the lab as all the other PCs combined (roughly 10 of them or so). I had a ringing sensation in my right ear when I left work today, that's how loud it was.

Sure, equipment needs to be cold, but damn. The career I envisioned for myself did not include ear protectors. It's not like I'm going at a piece of street with a jack-hammer here, it's electronics people...

Other mental noise enters my mind.
It's the good kind though.
Maybe I should shut up now. I know only good people read this blog (or atleast I hope), but saying the wrong things might set of a chain-reaction of events that will eventually lead to the destruction of the universe as we know it...
...ok, so maybe not the universe, but I don't want to jinx what could become a very very good thing.
So, like I said, I'll be shutting up now.

How about them yankees...

Maybe I should just get to bed at a reasonable hour today.
Lord knows I was tired enough for a small community this morning.
And we'll have no doing lines as a pick-me-up either.

Enough rambling, I will see you all on the flip side..

Markus out!


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