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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Good Times

Happy days are here again.
Hrmm. *cough*

The amusement park had its monthly pub deal last night. Of course, since I'm no longer an employee (thank god), I didn't get to partake in the festivities inside the park itself, but I did however meet up my friends outside, as the party continued after 23.00 at a local bar.

There was a really good mood last night. Everybody was happy, the beer was flowing, and more importantly, a lot of people were there.
Sure, the turnout is usually nice, but with a few exceptions, almost all of my best friends were there, and it was a lot of fun.
Due to the fact that I'm now employed with a company that keeps normal business hours, and I had to wake up at the crack of dawn (0600), my visit was fairly brief, (left at ~0100) but what I did get was very good indeed.

People say quit while you're ahead, and I think that's just what I did. I think that I could maybe have squeezed 30 to 45 minutes of more fun out of that evening before the tedium would have started, especially since I was driving and therefore not drinking, but this way, I got a whole extra hour of sleep before work.

I got a whole bunch of nice pictures as well, but due to the rather erratic nature of the internet connection that hosts them, I won't be linking them from here.

It also turns out that today is one of my friends birthday, so before I left the party last night, I got invite to have some cake at her house, whenever I got off from work, which I did. Found a lot of the same people from the night before. It's very cool, we're all like this big happy family. Granted, a family that sleeps around with each other quite a lot, but that just adds to the excitement (and removes boredom). I stayed for cake (Emma makes good cakes. She'll make someone a very good wife some day. Horrible thing to say, but she's a really good cook.)

I also caught myself sneaking more than my share of glimpses of a girl there. It's probably nothing, and I know I shouldn't but what can I say, I'm surrounded by beautiful women. It would be rude of me not to enjoy their company to the fullest. To date and blog, especially when the person you date reads your blog can be a bit treacherous, since you really should put on an honest and open face when blogging, but you can't really expose all the aspects of yourself, and what you think right away.

Dating takes, apart from mutual interest, timing. Most everything boils down to timing. A misplaced word, touch or glimpse might nix the whole deal before it even gets started, if it's done outside the proper frames in time. Therefore, suffice it to say, I'm surrounded by gorgeous women, and I enjoy every second I spend with my friends.

As I've told you before, I've met "interesting" people in other towns as well, Uppsala, where I normally live, for instance, and blogged about it, but what's to say I can't find more than one person interesting at a time.

It's like people who can't understand how you can be in love with more than one person at the same time. Why shouldn't you be able to? It's not like I'll cheat on any future girlfriends all the time, but just because you're dating someone doesn't mean that all your other feelings for other people are suddenly extinguished.

If I can love all members of my family, and my dog, and Coca-Cola at the same time, I sure as hell can be in live with more than one girl. I'm not actually "in love" with anyone at the moment, but I'm definitely interested in a few.

Until next time....

Markus out!


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