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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Last Night

Well, last night wasn't at all what I had hoped it to be. I had looked forward to a good venue I knew I had been at previously. To my big surprise and disappointment, the place where the party was at was just next to where I expected it to be, in a small, way to preppy venue. Not at all my taste.

But, later on in the evening, the music, atleast, was great. Maybe a bit on the slow side, but all very good stuff. There were two guest DJs. One is DJ Anneli, of Full Moon Festival (among others) fame. The other, or so the whisperings told me, seemed to be someone from South Africa called 'Ben', or somesuch. [Edit: It would seem that this guys name is 'Brett' rather than 'Ben'] When I first saw him, I could have sworn that it was a childhood friend of mine. They looked so much alike it was uncanny. And his girlfriend too, mirror image (in style anyway) or my friends girlfriend. Strange. Anyway, they both played great music.

I got to talk some more with the previously mentioned new friend, and it was great. I realize, I think, that there probably won't be anything more special between us than there already is (being party buddies), but I hope I'm wrong.
I think the way you can tell is by seeing how active the person is in conversation. Is he/she someone who goes up and talks to you, or do you always have to seek out him/her. I believe that if you're on some mutual ground, equal initiation of conversation, so to speak, then you probably have the basis for something great, but if it's like it usually is, one person always being the conversation starter, then it can rarely be more than just some kind of acquaintance. Granted, some people are shyer than others and take their time, but you can still after having met each other two to three times whether or not it is going in the direction you want it to. This applies as much to good friends as it does to lovers. Indeed maybe even more so when it comes to good friends. One night stands usually don't have this kind of conversational quality.

I usually initiate conversations, rather than get people to come up to me. If this is good or bad, I don't know, but I think I have a good way with people. Hopefully, one of these days, people will start coming up to me. And hopefully earlier then when I'm old and grey and need help getting across the street.

More ramblings on dating and my up and down (upsidedownface) life will follow.
For the most part it's good though, really good!

Markus out...


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