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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Life as it Should be

Why don't I come up with stuff like this when I go shopping with my girl friends.

I spent virtually the entire day yesterday outside in the sun. It was wonderful. It's what Swedish summer is all about, and it's just too bad that there's so damn little of it. We spent the day in the park, just hanging around, eating ice-cream, playing dominoes and talking about nothing in particular.

Later on on was barbecue night. We went over to a friends house, something like 8-10 people, and made dinner and just hung around drinking beers and talking. I was pleasantly surprised that they had a big trampoline in their yard. I remember we used to rent those things for like a week or two every summer a couple of years back, and there was no end to our jumping around and having fun on them. Wonderful times. We used to put it up next to our pool and do flips into the water, and the trampoline got all wet, and we'd be covered in a fog of little water drops with every bounce, it was awesome.
I spent a fair amount of the time last night jumping. I can never seem to stop when one of those are around.

This is what summer is about though. Just enjoying the nice weather in the company of friends that you like. Especially when you, like here in Sweden, get very little of it. Our actual summer season stretches from mid June or July to late August, if we're lucky. The rest of the year is just inhumanly cold.

With my new job this summer, I won't have the mornings and days of like I've had the preceding two years (working at the amusement park), but I'll have the full weekends, and I'll get out at a nice time in the afternoons aswell, so it's all good.

My Konfabulator mini-weather widget shows a completely uncovered sun, and 21 degrees C, what the hell am I doing inside blogging.

I'll be out back in the sun if anybody needs me!



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