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Thursday, June 09, 2005

What a wonderful day

Today has been just a spectacular day. Granted, it's far from over, so it can still get better, but no matter how it turns out, I'm ahead.
I spent 3-4 hours today out in the blazing sun just reading. No wind, no clouds, just me, the sun, my book and a park bench. I didn't even hear the day care center across the lawn. This truly feels like the actual beginning of summer. I plowed through something like 150-175 pages of microserfs. (That's Douglas, not Dougles, a typo in my first post). It's just filled to the brim with truth and wisdom, truly a good read. I'm bumping it up the hierarchy in my bookshelf. I don't think that I own very many books that are not good, or even great, but still. Just the fact that it's filled with wisdom (and oneliners) that apply so perfectly to my life, and probably life in general is nice.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself this afternoon. Had it not been for the temperature gauge on my desktop showing a nice 21 degrees C, I probably wouldn't have donned shorts and "socky" (socks that end just where your shoe does, legwise) and went out into the sun.
When I came home from my day in the sun, what do I find, but a copy of Pi and Antitrust on dvd sitting there in my mailbox diligently awaiting my return. Life is good =)
I also saw a gorgeous tall brunette in a short skirt in the line just behind me at the grocery store as I was going home. I wonder how, or if it's even possible to, hit on someone waiting in line for something. Waiting in line for a club is something else, but like waiting in line to pay for something, or on the buss, or at the airport or whatever. I don't know about you, but I feel that those times almost carry a conversational taboo, unless you already know the person in question. Those are the times when you just want to get on with your business and get done. I'd love for people to start talking to me in all kinds of situations, ofcourse, but I can never bring myself to do something like that on my own. I don't know why. I don't see myself as a socially inept character either, but there are good times and bad times to talk to people I guess, and it's unfortunate that the good times rarely involve people worth talking to. Atleast not any new people.
Now I have some Tortellini to fix, so if you'll excuse me.
( I also got top grade on my last exam, which means I've scored top grades on every exam this semester, summer couldn't start off on a better note for me )



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