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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Is it just me, or do alot of the bloggers, atleast on this service, come from singapore?
Or atleast have some connection to the country, because it seems like every other blog, that isn't pure banner space or porn ads, is either written by a singaporean, or references one.
I love Singapore, it's a wonderful place, and I've had the privilege of spending alomost a week there, and I loved every minute of it.
Maybe the randomizer of whatever it is that allows me to cruise around here via the "next blog" button has me pigeonholed as a certain category of man (whatever category that might be), or I might just be seeing patterns that aren't there.

I finally got to sleep around 2 last night. Just after a monster episode of Oz. I believe it was the season premiere of s02 or s03, the investigation about the riots that ended the previous season.
I think I've watched almost all of Oz probably 3-4 times atleast.
When one channel gets through airing all 6 seasons late at night, another one takes up the torch and starts at the beginning.
It's a really great show actually. It's nice to see that people who become major players in important storylines in season are actually there in various "people scenes" in Emerald City in the very early episodes. Which indicates to me that the producers either planned all the storylines out from the beginning, and did one hell of a casting job, or they just decided to run with the people available, and hope that the people they hired as extras could also act.
Either way, they did a spectacular job. At one point, one of the channels aired the two first seasons of "The Shield". Also a very good show. I just wish they'd pick up where they left off and show us the rest of the material.
Being the geek that I am, with no real schedule during the school semesters, I watch alot of late-night tv. It's wonderful how channels just decide to air whole shows, back-to-back, one (or more) episodes per day (or evening, night really), with no or very show commercial breaks. It puts a whole new perspective on watching a show, since you get alot more continuity than having to wait for an episode for an entire week. I'd preferr it it they showed, for example, Star Trek - TOS and TNG instead, but I'll take what I get.

Two summers ago, they aired three episodes per week of "West Wing", one of my alltime favourite shows. To help peopel catch up for the new season that was going to premiere in the fall. Those were the good ol' days. Also, they've run "Band Of Brothers" marathons the last two summers aswell. And sometimes during the semesters, they throw one in. Now THAT'S a show worth owning on DVD. I believe that together with "West Wing", "Band Of Brothers" (Although a mini-series), are the best shows ever produced for television. There are other very good shows, but none of them can really measure up to these two. If I wasn't this dirt poor student, I think I'd have a couple of more DVD-boxes in my shelf.
Regarding the "West Wing", I believe that anything Aaron Sorkin has a hand in pretty much has to turn out spectacular. The policital commentary on the state of US politics today (jumping from one issue to another) will have to come later, if it'll come at all. "The" Freedom of speech, even tho I'm not an American, isn't what is used to be.

Waking up late, translates to a late breakfast I guess and since it's almost two in the afternoon here, I had better get one it.
Stay tuned for whatever might form in my head.

Until next time, ta ta..


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