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Monday, June 06, 2005


So I started re-reading Dougles Copeland's Microserfs today.
Excellent book, and the diary style-writing got em thinking that maybe I should put down on paper my thought about what goes on in my life, what I wish would go on, and what deffinately doesn't.
If nothing else, it'll serve as a great template for any future memoirs I may or may not decide to write.

Before going to work on Microserfs, I'd just read Hunter S. Thompsons book called "Hell's Angels".
I'm apparently both too young and unamerican (i'm not even from there) to get most of the references to people and happenings around that time, but I still find it an interesting read.
It's what inspired me a couple of years back to get my bike license.
I've had it for 2 years now, but I've spent probably less than 20 hours on a bike after getting my license.
I suppose that's what happens when you live in a cold country, and you'd rather use your money to buy food and textbooks, rather than cruise around on a (fairly cheap) bike.

I did however have a good time this weekend.
We people of the nothlands were visited by the dj legend out of rotterdam, mister Ferry Corsten himselt.
He dished out a 3 hour set of this usual style candy trance at something called Mondaybar Summer Sessions at Mondo in Stockholm. It was a very good show, and I remember exiting the club completely soaked in sweat. We should do this more often I think.

This is quickly turning into something of a long winded story, but bare with me, there's no ending in sight. ;)

Seeing as how this is my first post, and I'm in the spirit of writing, I figure I should get some stuff of my chest, and maybe build a background here, and cement some of my personality traits and opinions and values into this thing.
Had this been 3 years ago, I would probably not have written anything down, and if I would have, it would probably have been in some sort of hardcopy book style of diary. Not nearly as exciting as making your mark on the vastness of cyberspace.
I suppose you can only make your mark if someone actually sees/reads what you have done/written, but I'm staying positive. For the grandchildren if nothing else.

Normally when I go out to a club to dance, I have very little, if anything, to drink other than water. Last night was no different, except I had a massive amount of energy in my body due to certain roots and herbal extracts (nothing illegal, I assure you, it's been a while since I did that).
This is great, and it gives you "lots of pep", to quote Jared Leto in "Requiem for a Dream", but the downside is that is does what it does, for a very very long time. I'd like to be able to go to a club, dance my feet off, and then go home and hopefully fall asleep sometime not too long after my face hits the pillow.
This was not to be.
Last time, I didn't get to sleep untill the evening after the event.
I suppose I'll have to wait and see where this takes me.
And I thought I had planned it pretty well too. I knew what time I was going to be at the club, and what time it would end, so I downed the stuff way beforehand to be able to enjoy the sweetness of sleep, but not early enough it would seem. Ohh well.

The last part of this premiere post will be regarding the new and wonderful smoking ban that was just instituted in restaurants and clubs here in Sweden. If you want to smoke, do it outside or in small, designated and well ventilated areas (where nothing can be served or brought, it's brilliant I tell you!). The main concern of the populus has been that instead of smelling like smoke, or not being able to smell anything at all really, you'd walk around something akin to pig heaven where everybodies BO would be so overwhelming that venues would have to be evacuated, for fear of massive dna restructuring of the guests due to the intense nerv-agent-like gas that would fill the premises. This, also, I'm glad to tell you, was not to be.
Sure, you find the odd lump that smells like something you'd rather not touch with a pair of pliers, but in general, the venue was quite odor free. Some spillt beer, but otherwise nothing offensive. It's great. Even tho it encroaches on the liberty of the people, the state is there to protect people from other people, not themselves. And not forcing bartenders and waitresses and whatnot to work in a smoky environment is a step in the right direction.

I leave you with this note, and hope that I will be able to get to sleep sometime tonight.
Now, it's off for some irc time, maybe even write a line of code or two. (I suppose I'll tell you about my new job in another post).

I remain, as always, your humble servant.


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