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filling the void

Monday, June 06, 2005


I find that I might have alot more to write about than previously imagined.
I suppose that venting in a way like this, where there just might not be anyone on the other side to have opinions (informed or otherwise) about what you're talking about feel very refreshing.
I suppose one could read blogs and comment on other peoples input and lives day in and day out, but I fear that should consume way too much of my time. Time, I might add, that now has gotten more scarce. You see, I've got a new job.
(Yeah, I know, I couldn't hold off telling you, well my bad for being inspired on this the day of my daughters wedding. *cough* The first day of my blog that is...)

When I'm not going to school during fall, winter and spring, I have, for the last 2 years, worked as a button monkey at a theme park. And it's not one of those you see on the commercials either, drenced in sunshine with people lauging in a place far removed from the buzz of the city, filled exclusively with rollercoasters of varying horrendousness (is that even a word?). It's more of a standing out in the rain, and arguing with parent's about why they should pay to ride the kiddiecars with their child. And quite frankly, I'm sick of it. The first year it was fun, the second year wasn't very good, and now, with the beginning of the third year, it's at the point that it's better than no job at all, for the simple reason that my rent doesn't go away just because it's summer out.
Luckily, I have friends who care enough about me to get me out of there, and one of them got me a job as his company. It's a big multinational telecom giant, I would say, but I'm doing some computer management stuff, which I'm quite content with. It is, after all, something more along the lines of what I've been doing at school, and the rest of my professional live. To say nothing of having computers as a hobby since I was old enough to type. (Or atleast type actual words, so I suppose that coincided with me being able to read and whatnot)
So today I went back to what will soon be my old job, and told then that I'll be working at this other 'real' job for the duration of the summer, and could they give me the time off for it. (When the good job stops, I can still possibly do like 5 weekends of bad job stuff, for the extra cash, so I didn't want to be rude or anything. They are, after all, good people). Ofcourse, asking your emplyer to give you roughly 90% of your potential worktime off usually doesn't sit well, so I told them that if they couldn't get me the time off, that they should consider this my two weeks notice. The girl at the counter said she'd see what she could whip up, but I'm thinking I shouldn't hold my breath. I just hope they like me enough to let me do those 5 weekends at the end of summer, because I sure could use the money.

Hmm, there's really no end to the stuff that pops in my head that I could write about.
I mean, normally my days are pretty dull. I wake up, maybe go to class (I have like 3-4 lectures per week, and this is a full-time education), and then I might read some course related stuff, and then stay up and write code all night and consume massive quantities of Coca-Cola (this, my consumption, could easily lead me off to a massive rant about why sugar is really really good, but I think I might be using a little bit too much of it, according to my dentist). But when I stand back and look a bit at the big picture, there are actually alot of things happening in my life.
I suppose that if I get any readers later, they'll find out if I'm full of shit, or if there's actual content in my life.
I just love to write. I could probably fill page after page of little tidbits about my life and my opinions, and you know what? I probably will. Come to think of it, this might actually be the perfect forum for me to air my thought. So much stuff, and I suppose alot of time to do it in. Lots of space too. But I'll try not to overdo it on the first day.
I've got to save something for the coming lifetime of writing I hope I have ahead of me.

Ohh well, to be continued I guess...


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