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filling the void

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Ohh I'm so blogging this:

And it's not one of those annoying games or some stupid shit like that either, it's (to quote hackaday.com) "a movie based on google becoming a huge-ass conglomorate and wiping out media. very cool and post-apocalyptic kind of feel to it."
Very interesting, and very well done. People should distribute these things in QuickTime or MPEG instead of flash. flash has such a bed rep for all the shit people produce with it.
Dare I say 99% of all the flash content I have seen, by size, if nothing else, is complete and utter crap.
Flash, as such, isn't bad, it's jsut what people do with it.
It's like how guns are ok for hunting, but when people start maiming other peopel on the street, that guns turn foul (not fowl, they turn that in the woods mostly).

Just watch it, it's cool.



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