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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I suppose picasa2 and hello make an excellent couple, but before I'm more acquainted with them, I'll use imageshack.
This is what I did to my keyboard one day after having been inspired by this post via hackaday.com:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Now I pretty much have to learn how to type without looking at the keys.
Not that I didn't do a fairly good job before, but I find that I usually don't have a problem typing without looking. Ofcourse, with long winding texts, it's not a problem. But with short bursts of irc or IM conversation, or when writing code, it's not as easy.
And you really have to have your fingers in check. Slouching just will not do.

Also, I coaxed my friend into moving to blogger.com, and I'm looking forward to reading her stuff. She's right here.

When I checked my mail (the real kind) today, I had one copy of The Thomas Crown Affair waiting for me from the wonderful play.com.
I watched the 1968 version with Steve McQueen on tv just the other night, and came to the conclusion that not only is the 1999 version with Rene Russo much better, but Rene is a much more beautiful woman than Faye Dunaway. Therefore, one of my alltime favorite movies now resides in my bookshelf. I know I'm supposed to be a poor student and whatnot, but buying one movie for like €9 isn't like buying a dvd boxset för €40.

More stuff will follow.


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