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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Blogger is has a new drive, AdSense for blogs. It's like the normal AdSense, only it's for us bloggers.
I just installed a hitcounter in my blog, to see if anyone, other than my closest friends ever read it. I expect something like max 5 individual guests per day, at this stage, that's about haf of the population that know about this blog. Because of this fairly low hit count, I believe AdSense is not for me. Reading the article about AdSense for blogs, their advice is to stick to a subject, and be very recis, and write well and whatnot. I don't think I qualify there. I mean I can write well, when the spirit's in me, (spirit is, not the spirits, as in booze), but I certianly do not stick to a singular subject. Just like Daniel in Microserfs makes up the seven Jeopardy categories for his friends, I wonder (what my categories would be, and) what AdSense would show, based on the content of my blog. There's some phtography stuff there, so maybe something about cameras. Some music maybe, I don't know. I almost feel like signing up, just to see what comes up. They should have a test page: "Enter your url, and see what AdSense recommends". It could be the new craze, people would send all sorts of new and exciting ages throught the filter, and get outrageous results. Much like smurfalizer, or pornalizer, but for ads...
I'd use it.

I think my 7 Jeopardy categories would be:
  • Psychadelic trance
  • Things to do with a computer
  • Hacking (code)
  • Architecture
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sci-fi books
  • Movies
Maybe they are a bit broad, but hey, it's what I like.
Keeping it well written, and to the point, and "save us the 1,000 word diatribes".
Well, I don't know if I scored well in any of those respects, but then again, when I do have something to write about, I think it'll be alot better than this filler.

Now, for some ironing...



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