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filling the void

Monday, June 13, 2005

Noise Issues

So, noise, we meet again
you are vanquished!
taste the bitter taste of defeat!

Can you hear that?
I can't.
Or, well, I can't hear the horrible noise that my VGA fan used to make, because it's not there anymore.
I've replaced it with a Zalman ZM80D-HP, a fanless heatpipe cooler.
Just wonderful. And it also makes my computer look a wee bit cooler, since I have this window and this nice little blue light in there.
I doubt that this would have worked, had I owned something like a 6600 or a 6800, but since I make do with an old Ti4200, it worked perfectly.
I'm installing Quake 3 now, just to give it a nice run. Not that Quake 3 is very taxing for any kind of modern computer, but I didn't have Half-Life 2 within reach.
If the card dies from this, I'll be sure to tell you.

Over and out



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