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filling the void

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Today is the day I move back into the city. Temporarily, of course, but still. Having a real job, a job that actually uses the skills I have acquired is nice.
I feel both sad and happy as I pack up most of my active life. I'm going to be gone from this apartment for nearly 3 months, that's a lot of stuff. It's not like going to the Bahamas for a week.
I'm sad that I leave the serenity of living in my own apartment behind, but I'm glad that I'll be closer to the lions share of my friends, and also a heck of a lot closer to my job. It would be pretty much impossible to commute every day.
Nice day out for driving too, I think I'll drive down.
I'll miss having my stereo though. Having to use headphones for 3 months isn't a very hot concept. I know a lot of people deal with this every day, but still. I like my headphones, but wearing them for extended periods of time makes my ears get all read and warm.
I'll be back regularly, to go to basement up here, but still.

[(maybe) to be continued]



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