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filling the void

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Gods Pause A Moment To Contemplate Your Fate

a.k.a Loading...

Now I'm home, and semi-moved in. When I got home I found, to my great joy and amazement, that my sister had gotten a shiny new Zelda-edition GameBoy Advance SP with (of course) Zelda - the minish cap. I haven't played much, but I assured her that what's hers, when I'm living there, is most certainly also mine, atleast with regards to her new shiny toy. Or rather, atleast I hope I can borrow it.
The first thing to be installed once I got here was my computer. Unfortunately, I have t run tp across the hallway to get access to the internet, but that only bothers my mums boyfriend and not the rest of the family, so I'm cool.
Nothing much has happened these last few days. Hopefully I'll have more to write about when I'm properly settled in, and the week (and work) has started for real.

And now, something completely different...
My mouse has started making noise when I'm recharging it. It's a logiteck MX700 cordless mouse, and as soon as I put it in the cradle to recharge, and the green led starts blinking, the sound joins in. For each blink, there's a whining and a clicking noise. My friend tells me it's the piezoelectric effect. That something inside my mouse is oscilating at a frequency that humans can hear. It makes some sense, however I don't know why it suddenly appeared, and why it, like now, doesn't appear at all, or what to do about it.

I feel that my last few posts, or indeed my whole stock of posts, seem to lack a proper ending. Or maybe even a proper beginning. I'll just chalk that up to the fact that I at present don't really have anything worth writing about.
Maybe I should start blogging about someting in particular that interests me, and that there's alot of information about. I shall meditate on this further.

Ohh well, better luck tomorrow.


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