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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

WARNING - This might contains spoilers.
I doubt that there are many people that haven't already seen it, but still.

The main objective of this movie is to show the audience how the Jedi become outcasts, how the emperor rises to power and to show Anakin turn in to Darth Vader.
What is shown, is about 2 hours of filler, used as a pre and post-amble to a poorly written and even more poorly executed 30 minute plot about how Anakin turns to the dark side, and subsequently gets himself into enough trouble to warrant a full body suit and extra cybernetic appendages. Needless to say, he won't be fathering any more babies.

I'm going to look at this from the perspective that the previous movies, episodes 4,5 and 6, don't exist, but there is something else demanding the change about to come, i.e. the casting out of the jedi, the forming of the rebelling, and Darth Vader. Say an oracle predicted it or whatever. This is because people who cut the new movies down to size get blamed for comparing them to the original feeling you got when you saw the original films and such, but I'm going to do my best to steer clear of that here.

I'm going to look at this in a strict third-part-of-a-trilogy sense. And in that sense, it's no good.
The one thing is has going for it though, is that it looks good. Really good. Of course, Hayden can't act for shit, but he's balanced out by the superior skill of the animators, and the other seasoned actors that interact with him. Without being too vulgar, I'd say that Mr Christensen is carrying something lodged in his rectum that he's terribly afraid to loose. He's incredibly tense, and not natural in any way. It's like he's concentrating so much on keeping his jaw line square that he forgets that he has to look natural. I mean I know he's supposed to be conflicted and have all this inner torment, but he still can't pull it off, he just looks constipated.
Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman perform splendidly with regard to the material they are given.

On to the action.
Episode 1 was ok, not great, mostly on account of jar jar. Episode 2 was a great movie. It might have had some minor points, but over all a really good movie, easily rivaling eps 4, 5 and 6. And episode was all the stuff they had to fit in to tie the two story lines together. There was something of an ok build-up, but the whole thing about how helping padmé from dying is his sole motivation for joining the dark side just doesn't cut it. It's like they knew he had to get evil, but they had no idea how that would come about. Much like the same way they know he's going to have to don that suite in the next movie, so they have to find a way of making that happen too. (He gets chopped up and scorched near the end, if you were wondering)

I would have preferred it if he was just pure evil, and he's actions kind of just spiraled out of control, and he was enjoying the ride. Joining the dark side to be able to save the life of the one you love is just not a strong enough motivator. Sure, love can get you to do crazy things, but this, this is just not up to snuff. Something along the lines of how he went out on a rage and slaughtered the sand people in the last movie to get his mother back. That pure burning rage drove him to it, and that he might have discovered that the emperor was a sith himself by sensing it, rather than this ploy about having him arrested and whatnot.
Also, the fact that the emperor came to look the way he does becase Master Windu reflected his lightning charge, and was infact stronger with the force than the emperor himself is quite weak. I mean he's the emperor, he should have been able to more or less toss Mace Windu out of the window and set his pants on fire while doing it. Pure evil, and lots of it.

Regarding the laws of physics though, there are a few things that didn't sit right with me. Sure, they have some kind of anti-gravity engines, but you'd think that stuff like inertia of large objects would still exist. Also, the fact that gravity doesn't work properly when they're on planets that have gravity. Like when Obi-Wan is on that slimy beast, chasing down General Grievous, and he leaps what has to be closer to 3-400 meters down onto a sloped surface, and just keeps on galloping. They would be turned into sticky beast and human goo, had that been properly implemented. Sure, there is sound in space, I've come to terms with that after seeing a very good documentary about George Lucas, but these other things just don't make sense.

Another thing is scale. This fairly small one man fighter is closing in on something that looks like it could probably house roughly 100 of those fighters, and when it comes close, the fighter either becomes nothing more than a speck compared to the ship, or it lands majestically on the ship, with its wings hanging out. Sure, everything is large, but humans have certain visual cues that movie makers could atleast try to use. The cities looked big and impressive, and you really got a sense of how huge things were, but when there were ships or planets, or that big hole in the ground where they found the general, that was also way way off.

Some of the droids seemed way more sentient than others tho, and even articulate and seemed to have a personality (the hospital robot in the end that informs Obi-Wan and the rest that Padmé is carrying twins), while other seemed not to know their ass from their elbow.

The ending was kind of nice though, with Obi-Wan handing Luke over to "Uncle" Owen and "Aunt" Beru, that was more along the lines of what I was expecting for the whole movie.

While not a great movie, it was acceptable. I'd rate it about the same as episode 1, but for different reasons. Also, it was better as the third part of a trilogy than the middle part of a series of 6. They'd need atleast two movies instead of this one to patch it all together, plot-length wise.

But, alas, there are alot of other good movies comming out this summer, so...
...Sin City, Fantastic 4, Batman Begins, just to name a few.

I fear I shall go broke from watching all these movies this summer. Especially on my fairly meager new salary (that shall remain undisclosed at this time). It is, however, more than I get each month in financial aid for school, so I should be happy.

I leave you with this, and hope that my content will improve, aswell my endings.

Until next time



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