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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Can the parties we go to these days still be qualifies as Raves?
When I think of a rave, I see a big, preferably dirty, venue, high ceiling, no bar, and lasers. Lots of lasers and light, and the party doesn't stop until midday the next day.
Clubs are different. Even though they play the same music, the atmosphere isn't the same. Less ecstasy in the clubs (ok, probably more pills in the clubs, but less of the real thing).
A rave to me is something like mayday. Thousands of people, djs on pills, good times all around.
Granted, I started listening to a lot of the older stuff, from early to mid 90:ies, so my perspective might be a bit skewed.

I also know, from talking to organizers, that calling something a "rave" yields lower success when talking to venue owners, or getting the proper permits from the police (Did you know you need a special permit to have dancing? Which is different from the one you need to play music. Madness).

So, the club I went to last night, basement, was a lot better than it had been on the previous occasion in that venue. The music was better, and so was the spirit. Sure, there were fewer people, but a lot of the people that showed up were from the "core" of ravers in Uppsala, which made for a completely different setting than the one you'd get if you'd be sharing a venue with 50% preppers and socialites. Good music, good lights, better backdrops, good people. All in all a very good night.

The amount of people showing up will be a problem in the future though. I spoke to Berre, the organizer, and he said that if the turnout continues to be this meager, they'll have to about the club streak in mid backstroke, as it were, because of dwindling sales, and the venue owners refusing to foot the bill in form of loss of bar sales.

Sadly, that's what it all comes down to, I've come to realize. The venue owner will pick the club or happening or client that he thinks will do the best job of filling his or her bar. Nobody will take on a bunch of AA kids(people), because they will simply not fill the register at the bar. Nor will ravers. Atleast not to the same extent as your average socialite. It's understandable, but still sad.

I suggested to him that an "Old School Night" would fix all his problems. Historically speaking, when basement announces that they'll have an Old School Night, the turnout is much higher than on virtually any other night. Also, he told me, he's been dying to put one together, for the music if not for the people.

We also spoke shortly of the LÃ¥ngholmen parties here in Stockholm, held by the Socially Hazardous crew. It's been a long standing and well renowned party series in Stockholm. Previous years, they've gotten alot of weekend permits from the police, but last year they only got four, and this year two. Sadly, I missed the last one (two weeks ago), but I'll be damned if I miss the next one (one week from now, on saturday the 9:th).
Not only is the atmosphere and the music good, but you tend to run in to every friend you've ever met somewhere on the Sweden rave scene. It's almost like an annual reunion. People who really life for this stuff congregate and have a good time. People bring picnics, beer, dogs. people even bring their little children. It's more of a hippie-like movement with earthier tones and older people than a rave even with 16-year-olds with UV-reflective clothing and spiked hair. I like to lump myself in with the previous crown, rather than the latter, even tho I know I have, at one time or another, belonged to the former. But I'm older now, so it's more or less a natural progression.

If you're in the area, and have next saturday free (from 2 pm or something), I suggest you head on down and enjoy the festivities.

--Markus out


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