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filling the void

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Rave, supplemental

Basement was good. The normal Friday night, except that Linus was playing his very dark and hard goa, and I almost jumped out of my pants. I don't think I left the floor for more than 5 minutes during his entire 2 hour set. It was great. I asked him for a liveset recording, and he told me that he's been meaning to get one, but he always forgets the recording equipment when he goes to the gigs. I'll pester him about it the next time, you really need to hear his stuff, it's awesome!

Met another nice girl...
It seems, however, that the story of my life repeats itself. This one also seemed to be more interested in a friendly kind of way than a jump my bones kind of way.
Ohh well, the perpetual good friend is a good role to play. I rarely loose the people I meet, unlike how the deal usually is with girlfriends that you break up with.

Getting ready to go out to långholmen for the big party. I've been told it will migrate later on in the evening to somewhere else, and keep going until dawn. I hope that alot of my old friend will be there during the day. They usually are. I don't know if I'll continue on for the evening part though. I might go back home and tinker with the car, or go to any of the other possible parties later tonight.

Well see.
No matter what happens next, this will have been a good weekend.

--Markus out


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