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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Too Much Information!

I've come to a conclusion. After much reading and wanting to do alot of stuff, and secreting ambition from every orifice, I've decided to take the "stay the fuck away from fucking about with the car" approach.
I will finish what I have started on the engine block (or atleast I'll do my best to), and I'll keep washing it and waxing it, but that's about it.
I find that the more stuff I want to do to the car, the more stuff there is to do.
I want to change an air filter, there are a million to choose from. I want to polish this, there are tons of ways of doing it. I want to fix that, then there are things keeping me from making a proper decision there to. There is enough information for me to make an informed decision about virtually anything I can think of, but there is way too much information too weed through.
Also, the things I think I want to do start out easy, and then, after reading more and more, they turn out to be more and more complex.
In fact, the more I read about this car, the less I want to mess around with it.
It feels like if I'm going to start messing with the car, then I had better take the plunge fully and quit my job and school and whatnot, and spend every waking second on the car, but that's just not me.
Sure, I do that with my computer, but that's different. I've been doing that for like 15-20 years now, I know how it's done. I wouldn't even brave calling myself a novice when it comes to cars.

But then again, this could just as easily be the same kind of dilemma I was facing two weeks ago, when I went from buy to don't buy every few hours.

The only reason I hope this is nothing like it, is because I ended up on buy, and as a result, I now have very little money left. I can only imagine how much money I'd spend on the car if I started tweaking and modding everything in sight.
It's not easy either. Everything turns out to be damn hard. I WILL polish my valve cover to a mirror shine, but I'll do it with the valve cover on which, according to almost everyone, is a bad idea.
But what the hell am I going to do?
I don't much feel like buying a new valve cover, just so I can keep one on and polish the other one. If I had that much money, I'd not only buy a brand new car, but I'd turn it in to professionals, and let them handle all my shit.

Man I'm bad with making decisions. I even catch myself sometimes looking inside my freezer for minutes on end, eyes jumping between fish sticks and meatballs...

Since you can't unlearn anything, I'm stuck with all this information I have regarding the car, and now also a shitload of info on polishing aluminum.

I wish I could just be content with what I've got. But that's not likely to happen.
especially now when I opt for the budget range of the car that I want, thinking that, with a little elbow grease, I can get it to exactly where I want it. Problem is, that I want to do virtually everything to it, and I want it to be done yesterday.
A bad position for somebody to be in when that somebody uses the car daily, and doesn't even have a proper garage for the winter storage.

Maybe I should just sell the thing and get rid of my headache.
But it's so fun to drive...

I know what I want to do, but that in no way coincides with what I can afford to do.

Ohh, I don't know. And thinking about it doesn't help either. I need to put my mind on other stuff, but that's hard to do with nothing else with which to occupy myself.
Maybe I should just go home and take the car for a drive. Too bad there aren't any nice roads around here.

Enough rambling!
Will think of car later...

--Markus out


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