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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mixed feelings

I'm getting more and more mixed feelings about this whole car deal. I'm liking the old style (90-97) miata more and more (my version), and liking the 98+ version less.
maybe it's just a phase I'm going through, but I don't know.
There are still alot of things that are very attractive with a newer car. Things like central locking, power windows and a bigger engine, but I can't help but feel like everything from the windshield and back looks a hell of a lot better on the NA (pre 1998, a.k.a M1).

I'm also thinking that next year might be a better year for buying an NB (post 1997, a.k.a M2), since the new and improved mx-5 (NC, not called miata anymore) is coming out this year.
Might change the general price situation.

My mind hurts today. I actually did some work today, but I don't think that's it. I think it's more the fact that I seem to have gotten into some kind of routine now, where I wake up early, not entirely rested, go to work without doing much in the way of real work, coming home, having dinner, and finding that it's almost time to go to bed.
I feel that I have no time to tend to myself.

I was going to play Need For Speed: Underground (I drive the miata, for obvious reasons) only t find that I left it in Uppsala, talk about bummer. I'll have to collect that when I go up on friday.

"I feel thin. Like butter spread over too much bread...", a good friend of mine said. (Bilbo and I are real close...) I think it kind of fits how I feel right now.

It's hard to be motivated.

To add to this general sense of disappointment, my grand plans to chrome some stuff for the car myself have turned to shit. I did a test piece, and the result was nothing short of horrible.

I spoke to my racing friend, and he advised me to stay of the mods (meds, head lice, french fries, I wasn't listening...) until I was absolutely damn sure this is what I wanted to do. Modding and driving sports cars apparently isn't for anyone, and he said that I shouldn't pour my heart into it unless I was sure it was something I actually wanted to do, which makes sense.

But then again, if I had exercised restraint some two weeks ago, I wouldn't even be in a position arguing whether or not to mod my car. I have firmly decided, however, that I need a cup holder in the car. If nothing else because I completely destroyed the ashtray (poor chroming test piece) that's supposed to sit there, and I don't smoke anyway so...

Also, my internet connection here at home sucks as usual. It just goes down for no apparent reason, and they stays down. It's like if the software in my router has deteriorated over time, which obviously is impossible.

There is a silver lining, however (actually there are two, depending on how you see it), and that's that I got my hands on one of the logitech x-flat keyboards (something like that anyway), and they have a key travel that's close to normal laptop keyboards. Its wonderfully speedy, and these keys now, after only an afternoon of use the x-flat, seem clunky and archaic on comparison. Much like the old IBM M-type keyboard I have that weight almost as much as I do, have has a key travel of something like 1 cm.
The only problem is that it lies too flat to the ground. I'd want it a bit more tilted, but the risers don't allow it. If they had, I'm convinced I would have "borrowed" one of the 11 we got delivered to work today that we have absolutely no use for. I've had my eye on the apple wireless keyboard for a while, since it has short travel, a nice slope, is wireless, and looks like a million bucks.

The other thing is that I found a bikers guide to polishing aluminum to a nice mirror-like reflective shine. Sounds like it'll take a couple of hours of hard work, but I'm ready to put in the hours. Modding my car like this, with no real money involved (the cost of wet sanding paper is very cheap), is something I can easily justify.

I just found myself looking at my keyboard when I type, even tho I have no letters on it.

If the polishing doesn't work out, I can always just coat the engine head in paint and say "job well done..."

Tomorrow sees the day of my long awaited visit to the doctor that likes knees. Hopefully, he'll have a remedy for me.

"You have no chance of survive make your time..."

All your base are belong to me.

--Markus out


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