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filling the void

Sunday, July 17, 2005

No Inspiration

Having many small impressions of things that have happened doesn't make good blogging material.
I think I should stop regarding this as a public IM client, and maybe get some meat on the bones of what I usually call writing.

To recap however: Basement was good, the cute girl and I are now more friendly than we previously were. Yesterday was a slow day. I managed, with the help of my ingenious brother, to find a way of replacing the bulb in my headlights without drilling the screws out. I also vacuumed the car, so now it looks nice. I've decided to polish and dress up the engine room. It's cheap, and all it takes is some chemicals and some time. I'm also going to give the paint a good once-over with some original miata SU paint, if I can get it. Fill in all those minute dots of white.

My friend suggest I write about something lengthy and mushy, something that you always know stuff about, even thought you haven't had any recent input.
Maybe I will write something like that later on today. Right now, I'm taking my sister to the mall.
Who knows, maybe something extraordinary will happen as I shop for candy or whatever it is I'm supposed to do there.
More on something, whatever it may be, later...

--Markus out


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