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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Friends of old

Something I find I do way too little of is relive the good old days. The times when we could drop acid in clubs and go out dancing 3-4 times a week, and still look fresh for work.
The 1-day weekends, where you'd wake up late on Friday, and don't go to bed until dinnertime on Sunday.
The weekend trips out of the country, just to get smashed and dance and have a good time.
I just came home from visiting a friend of mine that I hang out with way too little, considering he lives like 2 minutes from my house by car.
We spoke of the good old days and did some reminiscing. Of course, we had some bad days, just like everyone else, but for the most part, we had a blast.
Sadly, the people I had the most fun with back then have all "grown up" and they tell me they're either not into that stuff anymore, or they are too sophisticated or whatever.
I feel that our music is a way of life. If you're not still listening to it, there's a good chance you never got the real idea in the first place. It's not something you turn on or off, it's who you are.
You can listen to other stuff to, obviously, but you never ever give up on the music.
House music and rave culture are very much ways of life, rather than passing phases.
You can no more stop being touched by the music, if you dig it in the first place, than you can stop being human or stop breathing air...

In the words of David Duchovny, 'I might just as well have said to myself, "Tonight, I will not breathe."'
Same deal. It's that inescapable addictive feeling that you just need the music. "The music has you", if you will.

Now: Safi Connection - Adrenochrome

Ohh, I almost filled this post with wonderful Fear and Loathing quotes...


--Markus out


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