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filling the void

Friday, July 29, 2005


Last night was special. I got to meet a couple of other miata enthusiasts over coffee, and I must say that it was all I had hoped it to be. Here you find these people whom you've never met in your entire life, and for all you know, you have absolutely nothing in commonm, except one thing. You all love your cars. You think of your cars as a passion. Something you can spend countless hours on, and still find little gems of pleasure and refinement that you didn't know were there.

We were are this little place called Brostugan, just across the Nockeby bridge, on the way to Drottningholm, just west of Stockholm. I had some trouble finding the place, but hwen I finally got there, after all of them seeing me drive up the wrong road, it was great. I was instantly greeted as one of the flock. Equal respect, everyone on more or less equal footing. Obviously, some people know more about these little cars than others, but we were all there for the same reason. We shared a common goal, a common thought, a common fantasy. Except that for all the people there last night, the fantasy had come true. We were all miata owners. Proud of our cars, and loving every inch of them.

It's interesting to see how something as relatively simple as a certain model of a car can bring so many people together, and make them form such strong bonds.
At first we were idly chatting away about various things in life, very little shop talk, but as peopel started to drop out, the core group that was left huddled in closer together, and we did nothing but talk cars.
We ended up checking eachothers engine bays, trunkspaces, the placement of speakers, tailpipes, rear-view mirrors and whatnot. Exchanging mechanical tips and tricks.

There were some other nice cars there in the lot too. A couple of old-style Mustangs were there, an Aston-Martin I beleive, and a whole lot of motorcycles. One Harley Davidsson v-rod came in and circled the parking lot. man that's one nice bike. Engine and brakes made by (afaik) porsche.

Provided nothing fatal happens to me or my car, I will certainly be there next thursday aswell. And the one after that. I'll probably keep on coming down there until I move back up to uppsala.
They tell me they even meet there in the wintertime. usually not driving their miatas, however.

I will definately get in more with this crown. It's not the kind of almsot religious experience that music gives me, but it's an instant sense of belonging, because of this one simple thing that binds us.
I can really see how adolescents from the rouger neighborhoods end up in gangs. Who wouldn't want to belong...

--Markus out


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