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Thursday, July 28, 2005

And the hits just keep on coming

My friend broke his shoulder yesterday. Nasty thing, he was mountainbiking, downhill, and he fell andcracked his helmet wide open and broke his shoulder. Since the shoulder is a moving part, much like the elbow in this case, he can't get a cast, so he'll have to keep his very broker arm in a sling, to not loose mobility. I can only imagine that would hurt like hell!
And no morphine either. He has to drive, and I'm fairly sure morphine comes with one of those warning labels that says you shouldn't drive while under the influence.
Hell, I remember when I got morphine in the hospital, when my stomach was acting up, and I tell you, the flowers in the curtains came otu and spoke to me, it's was a wicked cool experience.
They kept moving and growing. And the wall next to them seemed to be pulsating aswell. Much like the doctors face. (the doctor, to his credit, didn't get mad when I kept getting his name wrong. I believe he was indian, or had some indian sounding name, but I'd completely mangle it everytime I tried. I'll chalk that up to the morphine aswell. I can see why people get hooked on this stuff)

My friend, now sans one shoulder, is supposed to showcase his car this weekend at the Street Car Fest, and since he has no working shoulder, can't manage the gears. He asked me to drive it, but I won't be at home. Sadly, becuase I would have liked to drive it, and have gained dfree entrance to the show. He wanted it there by 0830 on saturday morning, however, and I'm fairly sure I'll be sound asleep at that time.

Today is Miata day at brostugan. It seems that every thursday, during summer atleast, the miata club of sweden people gather at brostugan, a famous car "hole in the wall", if you will, at 18.30 and swap information and just pat eachother on the back for owning such nice cars =)
I'll be going there today, hopefully get to talk to some nice peopel about their cars.
The forum seems full of more or less good people. Most of them seem to be older than me though. We'll see who they actually are later on today I suppose.

--Markus out


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