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Friday, July 29, 2005

Fuck Firefox...

You know, I try to empathize with the firefox community, I really do.
I mean I've been a rabid Netscape user ever since I first used Netscape 1.0, back when others claim steadfastly that there was no Netscape before version 2.0 (how they reached that conclusion, I will never know).
I even stuck by Netscape through the 4.* days, when compatibility was horrible, and everybody wanted to use that ill-conceived idea called Internet Explorer.

So when firefox came out, I was eager to try it. I had tried Mozilla, but it just wasn't sleek enough. Sure, the renderer was nice, but I found the gui to be lacking. I've always had a backup version of the latest netscape that I continue to run throughout my trials.

I tried netscape 8.0, but that gui was just plain horrible, and the concept that things are rendered by default in Internet Explorer made me sick to my stomach.

Now at work, I decided to try firefox. Everybody keeps telling me how it kicks ass and chews bubble-gum, and it seemed to be the truth, in the beginning. But the more I use it, the more I start to find out that it really does bite ass.

It's not that it's slow, or that in renders poorly, but it's the little things. Like how the popup blocker works poorly, and when I allow popups, I get data errors from all over that domain after allowing it. It's like Vincent says, "it's the little differences".
I find that firefox probably works fine for reading news, and googling some stuff, just like IE does, if you don't have anything else, but I wouldn't trade my steadfast companion Netscape 7.2 for firefox to save my life.
Firefox either isn't ready for primetime, or just doesn't like me.
I know that if I posted this to slashdot or whatever, I'd probably have people with torches and pitchforks outside my office in a matter of minutes, but this is how I feel. Zealottry aside, Netscape beats firefox, and I'd be hard pressed to use firefox if I had an alternative.

Besides, the Netscape 7.2 gui looks like a million bucks, so why would I even change?
I've even gone back from using gaim to have both msn and icq in the same client at work, to using an older icq 2002a version, and windows messenger 4.7. They have that "just works" factor that I like.
I also know many people who swear by Microsoft Word 5, and say that there's no reason what so ever to purchase a later version. It does what they tell it to, it's highly portable, and it doesn't autoformat you back to the stone age.
It also, apparently, runs well in wine...

Well, now the spell checker popup doesn't work in netscape either. Fuck it, you'll have to live with my errors when I'm posting from work...

--Markus out


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