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Monday, March 20, 2006

Phone salesmen

What is it with phone salesmen?
I just got a call, and this isn't the first time either, from a stock broker in NEW YORK!
That's right, New York, NY, in the United States. Not only is that in the wrong part of the world. but why the HELL are they calling ME? I live in a tiny fucking country that most people coulnd't locate on a map if they tried.
How did this fucking creep get my phone number, and how could I possibly be of interest to them?
I just spent five minutes dissuading this fuck, who wouldn't take no for an answer, telling him in veyr many ways that whatever he was selling wasn't interesting to me.
Shit, if I want to invest in the stock market in any other country, I'll talk to MY back first, not some huckster calling me over the phone unsolicited.
He called me on my damn cellphone, how the hell did he or the company that he's working for get my cellphone number?
In the end, he was so reluctant to get of the phone with me that he said "well then you're just going to have to hang up on me", which I did.
I mean, couldn't he at least have the decency to accept the fact that I'm not interested, and end the call like a civilized person?
Fucking jack-ass.

I mean I know it's his job, and normally I wouldn't deny a person a way to make a buck, but when I have to SUFFER for them to make that money, then I WILL deny them that.

There is a list here in sweden that you can add your phone number into, and by doing so, you are guaranteed not to be called by telephone salespeople, or if they do call, you can sue them for it.
Obviously, companies outside sweden don't have to abide by those rules, or even if they do, there is little I can do when they don't.

I wish that all telephone salespeople would just up and fucking die. I'm not a religious man by any means, but selling stuff, unsolicited, over the phone has got to include selling your sould to satan in some for or other. NOTHING good can possibly come of that.

If I want to buy 50 lbs of detergent, I will do so when I damn well please, not because somebody calls me up at dinner offering to sell the shit to me.

The imperative to purchase things should be mine, not somebody elses!

What I most of all want to know is how the hell did they get my number?...
And why target me? I doubt they're calling the entire population here to ask them to invest in some stock in a country they don't even live in.



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