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filling the void

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Thesis Revisited

I handed in my partial thesis on thursday for evaluation.
I thouht that it was partial in the sense of lacking maybe 10-15%.
My advisor thougth otherwise, or atleast that's what it sounded like.
He said that I had lots to do, and that I should hurry up. I did get some valid points about htings to change, but the thing is that most of the actual information is in there, I might have to write 3-4 more pages, but the lions share of the paper is done. Maybe he didn't see that through my numerous comments...
So the week before christmas will be spent phrenetically writing the last parts or my essay. Not that I don't want to bring it with me when I go home, but I would like some piece of mind over xmas.

--Markus Out


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