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filling the void

Friday, November 11, 2005


*sound of a ticking typewriter*
So, I've decided to take my work back underground, to stop falling into the wrong hands...
*typing continues...*

I've made up my mind, sort of, regarding the topic for my Bachelors Thesis.
It'll be a step away from the idea I originally submitted to my advisor. That idea presented the idea of redundant networks with regards to how routing protocols like BGP work, a past, present and future kind of deal.
This new idea I have is more of a Dependable and Reliable networks - Technology and Methods for... kind of thing.
Well see exactly what form it takes in a matter of weeks. I have one week to submit the general outline and opening piece, so I guess I'll write those this weekend. I'm thinking of submersing myself in either gaming tonight or going clubbing, i haven't decided yet.

I tried to get my friend to go clubbing with me today, but he's grown soft and accustomed to the home-life with his girlfriend and his couch and whatnot. Sure, he wasn't hardcore before, but he went clubbing every now and then. I asked him when the last time he went out was, and he couldn't remember.

Ohh well, we can't all trek on 'til we're 100 I suppose.

Be well

--Markus out


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