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Sunday, September 18, 2005

No Deep Sleep

When you try to sleep with an active mind, such as you would have after a long party night with lasers and smoke and mindblowing music, you never really get the same kind of deep sleep that you normally would.
The colors are still locked in behind your eyes, and you only seem to achieve some sort of constant REM sleep, as you wake up not nearly as refreshed as you would have been, had last night been a normal night.
Usually, this effect is enhanced if you have been taking mind altering stimulants, but last night was a very clean night for me.
Surprisingly, the music kept me very awake for the duration. Normally, if I don't take anything, legal or otherwise, I tend to get a bit tired after 2-3 a.m., but I was wide awake last night, up until the point where I had locked the car, and was unlocking the door to my house. That's when the tiredness came.

I suppose I'm better off, though, than the poor people who had to wait for the party to end (some 3 hours after I left), so that they could take the party bus home.
I rarely, if ever, leave my car at home when there is a party. Atleast one outside the normal reaches of public transportation.
People say "but you can't drink then", and I say fine.
It's worth that much to me (and I don't drink when I dance, anyway), to be able to come and go as I please. Most people tend to agree with me when I am able to leave sometime in mid morning, and they are stuck waiting for the bus...

Last night was really a great party.
I got there around midnight, and a group called Trimada was playing live. I know one of the members if Trimada, but hey play some sort of Tech-Trance, which wasn't at all my cup of tea.
After their act, however, two guys calling themselves g3 or somesuch, consisting of the dj I spoke of in my earlier post, who was also the organizer for this party, and some other guy,and they really raised the roof. When they were done, I thought I would have to look high and low and far and wide for music as fast and as hard.
I was wrong. Just one hour later, a danish or norweigian guy called Phobium enters the stage to do a live set.
I've never seen or heard the guy before, so I wasn't expecting much in the way of awesomeness, but I was completely blown out of my socks. This could very easily have been one of the best live acts I have seen in my entire life. So fast, and so hard, without still being hardcore, it was wonderful.

I walked up to him after his hour was up, hoping to be able to snag one of his records, but he tells me that there won't be anything out for purchase until a couple of months later.
The wait will be terrible....
But ohh how sweet the reward for that wait will be...

Jackvi also played, I've blogged about him before. A handsome looking gentleman, quite crazy, and a kick-ass dj.
Also on the dj stand, as it were, last night, was Linus. I know him from Uppsala, where we have partied together in the past, and he has played at the club a couple of times.

What I love about the Swedish rave scene, is that the djs are not divas. They are not superstars. They don't consider themselves to be more than the audience they play for. They are part of the audience.
whenever Jackvi wasn't playing, he was down on the dancefloor tearing it up. The same thing can be said for more or less any psytrance dj I have ever had the pleasure of hearing in this country.

Sure, some people achieve more greatness and fame than others, but they are still more people, in a sense, than, for example, rock stars.

I leave you with this, as my tummy is calling for me to get some breakfast. Had I downloaded the pictures, you would have seen one with all the 7 lasers going. The light last night was incredible. Almost worth an entry of their own.

--Markus out


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