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Saturday, September 17, 2005

House Of The Rising Sun

It turns out, my friend (and party host) tells me, that the reason the current dj, who is kicking major ass, doesn't play at the club too often, is that he's normally in jail.
It appears that he's been let out on leave or whatever for this weekend, and the things he chooses to do is play at a club Friday, organize a major party on Saturday (I'm going, no doubt about it. He'll also be playing), and god knows what else on Sunday.
It was never made clear to me what he was in jail for, but it matters little. The music he played more than made up for any past transgressions, I would say.
Besides, they wouldn't release a child molester on leave, so I think this guy is pretty cool.

The night was altogether good. A lot of friends were there, along with a really good looking girl that I've been wanting to talk to for a while. She gave me a compliment on an online community site that we both (used to, in her case) visit, but I doubt she recognized me now, or if she did, she might have realized she spoke too soon or whatever.

A lot of the nice girls there that I know to normally be going out with one or more guys were single tonight. Of course, none of them had eyes for me, but that's what it's like I guess. You never ever get what you want, unless you pay for it. And in this case, paying for it might not be a good idea.

My friend had a small pre-party gettogether at her house before the club, and it was nice.
She's incredibly hot, but also very much my friend and not so much a one night shag.
Not that I wouldn't mind tapping her ass, as the kids say these days, but I don't know where that would lead.

Besides, I'm dating another girl now, cute and very tiny, we'll see where that leads.
Now it's time for me to resize and send away tonight's images so that they can be published.

--Markus out


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