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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lars Von Trier

I'm watching this interview with Lars Von Trier.
He's got a wonderful outlook on life and on filmmaking.
"I don't make movies for the audience... ...Most people are too stupid anyway. 80% of the people are too stupid" [translated from Danish].

I have much the same opinion of people. Ofcourse my digits range from 95-99% of the people, but still.
"Björk isn't a woman, she's a little troll" <- wonderful guy, I'm liking him more and more for every passing minute

I like björk, and I liked Dancer in the Dark, but I would never watch it again.
I don't think any other single movie has made me feel as bad as Dancer in the Dark.
It was a very good movie, but it hurt SO much. I wouldn't be able to stand it again.

Hehe, and this guy also produces porn, wonderful! =)

I think I might have to sit down one weekend and watch all his movies. I've watched some, but not all. I have Breaking the Waves sitting in my bookshelf, but I haven't watched it yet.

I'm writing this as I'm watching the inverview, so it's some kind of narrative and instant interpretation of what's happening,.

And he's making an effort to speak swedishified danish, so that the interviewer should understand. Words that I know are different in Danish come out kind of Swedish.

"It's always better to lie, but I'm no good at it. People preferr lies". I concurr!

I rarely rarely lie, however. I find that people who can't take the truth lack a certain mental toughness.

"all the other kids had been spanked growing up, except me. And I was the one who WANTED to be spanked..."

Wow, it's going to be a three hour inverview. I doubt I can watch it all. I have a game to play, after all.

Hah, he calls GW Bush an asshole in a press conference in Cannes.

Apparently a six-part deal.

Well see what develops.

--Markus Out


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