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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What's The Use?

You know, if I ever doubted the usefulness of this thing, and whether or not other people actually read it, it vindicated itself just the other day when my long lost brother found me and posted a comment.
To put it mildly, I was extremely surprised. Here's a person that i haven't heard from in something like 5-6 years, and suddenly he finds his way to my small part of cyberspace (yeah, cyperspace, i started using the internet before alot of you were born, i'm old enough to be allowed to use such horrible names for it). It's nothing short of freaking awesome!
The coolest thing is that it's not even indexed by google (thank god, I wouldn't want my family stumbling upon this little gem), but I suppose it's hotlinked from the other sites about me that have made it into various indexes of the larger search engines of the world.

I just finished writing a lengthy email to him, and I am looking forward to the response with great anticipation.

In other news, I've selected a topic for my thesis. Self-Healing and Redundant Networks - Past, Present and Future.
I handed in two suggestions, the other one being "IPv6, what is it, why do we need it, and what is it good for?". I am currently reading up on routing protocols liek BGP and OSPF. i'm supposed to write a basic idea and a rough content draft for Thrusday, and I'm finding that I might have to combine both topics to have enough material to eb able to produce the required 30-60 pages.
I mean I could probably embelish and bullshit another 10 pages, but not another 30. I'm not that good.
Ofcourse, a person I know has written a 150 page thesis on ipv6, so i guess there's enough information there. I just wonder if there is enough info in routing. We'll see I suppose.
I hope to be able to start actually writing it in 2-3 weeks, with continued research, and I guess I'll find out if the material i have will be enough or not.

The cooelst thing about the subject I choose, whichever one I do whose of the two, is that the guidance counselor to whom I presented the ideas said that she'd like for me to come back next semester or next year and condense my findings into a lecture.
I ofcourse jumped on the oportunity to be able to teach someone something, and said yes, if they'd have me.
I think that's a fairly good indicator that I've made a more or less wise choice with regards to thesis topics.
Well, enough rambling. Back to the BGP rfc, and later, sw2-aotc is on tv, if I have the stomach for all the commercials.
I should really commision someone to steal my tv, or atleast the tuner part of it. Even though I only have 5 channels, I spend way to much time watching shit like oprah and god knows whatelse.
Time I could spend writing on my thesis or one the many software projects I'm involved in.
I'm rambling again, ok, signing off here, thank you, and good night!

--Markus Out


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