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Saturday, October 08, 2005

That Feeling

Basement again today.

I must say, it's a good feeling going to a club and knowing that you don't have to hit on anybody or have to be smooth or anything, because you know you have someone who likes you.
I do. I have someone who likes me, and I like her, and being at the club today, I had that feeling.
Of course, that feeling ended abruptly (sorry, I am male, what can I do) when a really nice pair walked in to the door. The were huge and beautiful (I'm shallow, so sue me) and they were attatched to one of the coolest hairstyles I have ever seen. I'll see about getting a picture maybe, but man, it was incredible. Big black had, with plastic tubes and god know what braided in. It was very big, very cool and very industrial. I'm sure she has trouble sleeping at night, but maybe it's easily removable.

I wonder, are women with big tits the equivalent of bad boys?

The adage being sleep with the bad boy bout marry the nice boy.
Does that apply to use to, have wild crazy monkeysex with the big breasted women, then leave all of that behind and marry the small breasted, nice wife-like ones?

I, for one, hope that doesn't apply. Not only would it be horrible stereotyping (saying that big breasts equals stupid but fuckable women), but it would also mean that you couldn't marry someone with big tits unless you were poor white trash.

That's a sad concept, since I prefer not to live in a trailerpark.

I know someone might be a bit pissed off at me for writing this, but, well, then so be it.
I have my opinions, and I'll be damned if I'm going to change them because someone else thinks they are wrong.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with women with small breasts. I should know, I'm dating a wonderful one atm, but personality and grace aside, I like big breasts, and thatä's not likely to change anytime this millenium.

This blog is getting more and more lax. Rare postings, and when I dod post, I write about tits.
Ohh well, it's better than nothing.

--Markus out


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