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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Driving Pleasure

When it's the end of September, still fall, and my miniweather desktop widget tells me it's 20 degrees C and sun out, I'm hard pressed not to take the car out for a spin.
Said and done.
Having the car in the garage up here make these spontaneous drives alot easier...
I moved it up on Tuesday night, and I think I'll keep it on the road for another 2-3 weeks probably. Until I get it sold, or the snow comes.

This was the first time driving around the smaller roads here in Uppsala for me. I've driven around the big roads quite a bit in my day, but since I've almost never had the convertible up here, I had to find myself some nice small and curvy roads to play with.
The first hour or so was moderately fruitful. I found some ok roads, but they didn't have enough tight turns on them. I prefer it when I can't get up to 140km/h before I hit the turn. Since I don't have a very big engine, that takes a couple of yards, so more curves, less straights.

After a refueling pitstop, however, I found some nice back roads. Still not as curvy as I would have wanted, but fairly ok. The best part of it was that I was completely alone.
At first I saw a bunch of older men in cars driving around (The driving population seems to consist of nothing else, because the only drivers I saw today, aside from myself, were 60+), but an hour later, I'm all alone, top down, and the wind in my hair.

Maybe next time, I'll try to get some company. The two people I asked had better things to do.
I did forget to ask one person who might have actually had time, however. =(
Must remember to talk to her next time...

--Markus out


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