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filling the void

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Christmas is over.
Finally, it seems.
Not that I don't like my relatives, I do, but spending 5 days with them, 24/7, in a foreign town, no internet connection, and NOTHING worthwile to do just irritates me.
It's gotten to the point where I don't know if I even WANT to do this xmas thing with my family again if it entails going anywhere forther than the general stockholm area.
As soon as you go to visit relatives, and you're grown up (26, going on 27, more or less anyway), you are locked up. It really sucked. Sure, there were highlights, but not again, not for me.

In other news, my essay is close to complete, but there are things that are taking longer time than they should.
One chapter that I'm re-writing now just refuses to come out. I've tried different approaches, but nothing I write sounds right.
I've put on some good tunes and set my lappy up facing the blizzard outside, alone in the house. Maybe that'll help my writing, I don't know. Going to crank the writing into high gear now, later!

--Markus out


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