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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Plea For Help

I recently posted this to my WoW guild forum (Core on Twillight's Hammer).
If you feel you'd like to weigh in on the matter, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.
Having recently respecced to a sword rogue, I really want o know of the damage increase I do with sword ss makes up for what I loose when not using ambush.

The question is, all things being equal, which of these equations are true?
Does the higher dmg swords, with the new normalized attack power*weapon class speed modifier, outweigh the fact that ambush can do massive damage?

dps(sword ss) >? dps(ambush + dagger ss)
dps(sword ss) >? dps(ambush + backstab)

with dagger spec
with sword spec
faster poison procs?

Of course, there are other things to consider. For example build, if you go with improved ambush or not.

I would love to hear your educated opinions on this. Replies from rogues who have tried both (with rougly equally powerfull weapons) or people who have actually done the math (this would be the best) on this thing.

I am tempted to sit down and do the math myself, and come up with a definitive answer, but my bachelors thesis is taking up a bit too much time for that.

Also, suggestions for equal class weapons that I or someone else could base their calculations on would be welcome.

Is, for instance
Krol blade = heart seeker?
Krol blade = core hound tooth?
and please set aside things like +chance to crit and added attack power.
We would need to normalize these weapons against eachother to get proper calculations.
I have yet to find scientific data on this, it's mostly opinion, and 50/50 doesn't really sway me.
Any worthwhile information is welcome.

My recap plugin tells me that ~55% of my damage is "white" and 30-33% is from Sinister strike.
I'm sure yours would say the same, but what I don't know is what it looks like for people with improved ambush.
Or people for that matter who abmush and then switch to swords.
I'm thinking now that maybe a small application fed from thottbot or something might be in order.
That will accept different build types.

A new hacking project for me then =)
If any of you would like such an application or think you could help, please don't hesitate to tell me

I'm Fwaah/Takeshi on Twillight's Hammer / EU BTW



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