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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Need A Holiday

I do, I really do, I really need a holiday.
Not an active, go out and do stuff holiday either, just like a week or two maybe, with no pressing engagements to take care or, or stuff I know I really should be doing.

If I could just freeze time and go on a two week poolside vacation with a pile of books and maybe some interesting company, I'd be all set.

Looking at my life, you'd think I do very little than go to school and play games, but this is a stressful exsitance at times. Maybe my guilt for not studying as hard as I should plays inhere, but the worst thing is that there is always stuff that looms on the horizon. I can't just leave work and be truly free until I have to be back the next morning, I always have something I should be doing at home...

Not to mention the fact that I'm thinking of quitting WoW. I've had these thoughs before, and I've quit for a week or two, but it never lasts. This current wave partialyl stems from a silly thing me and the guild leader had. He kicked me out of the raid for posting on the forum about looting problems. He said it was because I was writing the post while in MC, but I'm faily sure he felt hurt because I was complaining about something that he helps run. If he truly felt the system was impervious, and what I said had no validity at all, hewould have just shrugged it off (working as intended, learn2play), but instead he must have been hurt because he know it was true and decided to lash out against the only guy with the balls to actually post int he forum about it, instead of gripe in private.

Anyway, we'll see. Not that I couldn't just join another guild, I could, but I really like my guild, except for some things, but they are usually minor.

Ohh well, back to writing my presentation for friday.

--Markus out


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