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filling the void

Monday, March 27, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution

The revolution is here, yet again.
I sat listening to some music, and some old ddr tunes came up, and I immediately felt that I should dig out my mats sitting under the bed.

Said and done, I connect my mats and fire up ddr.
I'm hoping that my dance moves will still be there after 1-2 years of not playing, and lo and behold, they are!
Granted, I'm not at 7-8 feet (out of 10, for those of you who don't know), but 5-6 was easy. I even remember some of the harder combos from some songs without looking.

Dance Dance Revolution is clearly of one the best computer games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. I know it's not for everybody, but I love it, I really do. Maybe I should start playing more. It's like aerobics lite, so it's good for me too.

I resolve to try and get some more ddr time in every week, which shouldn't be hard, considering I have zero hours per week now.

Now for some NCIS on tv.

--Markus out

Monday, March 20, 2006

Less is not necessarily more

Ok, so it is, I digress, less is actually more, but I realize that's not so in my writing.
I got reminded of that when somebody on irc posted this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=36099539665548298&q=microsoft+ipod

Somebody else doesn't know that less is more either I think...

I'd Love To Win

I'd really like to win sometime.
Not that life is a competition, but I'd love to, for once, actually get something that someone else failed to get.
Liek getting a girl when my ex fails to get a new boyfriend, or winning the lottery, or getting a job, or passing an exam, or any of the small things that make up life.
It's an endless goddamn struggle, and I'm not winning very many battles.
In short, I'd love for someone to envy me for something I have, or something I have achieved.

I'm not looking for stardom or world wide acclaim, I just wish that for once, I'd be better at something than someone, competing in a "fair fight", so to speak.
I know I do better than alot of people in alot of things, but that's because those things aren't things that those people even care about.

I hate to sound like a sap, and I'm not sitting here crying my eyes out while I'm writing this or anything, it's just that I'd love for some luck to come my way. I really want life to go my way, not just throw shit my way each time I want something.
Search and ye shall NOT find, I suppose, good things come when you least expect them to, but you can't go around life with no goals, expecting nothing, and counting on good things happening to you.

I somehow feel like a second rate citizen, if there is such a thing. Always envying what others have. I'm not dissatisfied with my achievements, well, not all of them anyway, but I know that there are other people out there doing much better in the same discipline than me.

I'm just going to hope this english test I'm taking for my school application works out the way I plan, and that I'm accepted to the school, because if I'm not, I really don't have anything else planned...

Phone salesmen

What is it with phone salesmen?
I just got a call, and this isn't the first time either, from a stock broker in NEW YORK!
That's right, New York, NY, in the United States. Not only is that in the wrong part of the world. but why the HELL are they calling ME? I live in a tiny fucking country that most people coulnd't locate on a map if they tried.
How did this fucking creep get my phone number, and how could I possibly be of interest to them?
I just spent five minutes dissuading this fuck, who wouldn't take no for an answer, telling him in veyr many ways that whatever he was selling wasn't interesting to me.
Shit, if I want to invest in the stock market in any other country, I'll talk to MY back first, not some huckster calling me over the phone unsolicited.
He called me on my damn cellphone, how the hell did he or the company that he's working for get my cellphone number?
In the end, he was so reluctant to get of the phone with me that he said "well then you're just going to have to hang up on me", which I did.
I mean, couldn't he at least have the decency to accept the fact that I'm not interested, and end the call like a civilized person?
Fucking jack-ass.

I mean I know it's his job, and normally I wouldn't deny a person a way to make a buck, but when I have to SUFFER for them to make that money, then I WILL deny them that.

There is a list here in sweden that you can add your phone number into, and by doing so, you are guaranteed not to be called by telephone salespeople, or if they do call, you can sue them for it.
Obviously, companies outside sweden don't have to abide by those rules, or even if they do, there is little I can do when they don't.

I wish that all telephone salespeople would just up and fucking die. I'm not a religious man by any means, but selling stuff, unsolicited, over the phone has got to include selling your sould to satan in some for or other. NOTHING good can possibly come of that.

If I want to buy 50 lbs of detergent, I will do so when I damn well please, not because somebody calls me up at dinner offering to sell the shit to me.

The imperative to purchase things should be mine, not somebody elses!

What I most of all want to know is how the hell did they get my number?...
And why target me? I doubt they're calling the entire population here to ask them to invest in some stock in a country they don't even live in.


Friday, March 17, 2006


My car is now sold...
Pending the actual money transfer, the car is sold.
Final delivery is three weeks from now, at which point I will probably be in final negotiations for my next car.
I must say I had second thoughts alot of the time, thinking about keeping it and using it atleast oen more summer, but I decided I wanted to give the newer model miatas a try.
Look forward to me driving an Mk2 or Mk2.5 in the near future!

*gobble gobble*

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I need some heat man, bring me some heat!

Indeed I do need some heat. Lots of it actually.
I've lived in this godforsaken hellhole of a country for 27 years now, and I've EARNED to live out the rest of my life in a climate that is more hospitable to living things.
Right now, it feels liek I would easily give one if not two of my testicles to live in a warm country with a good teaching job.
I want nothing more than to move to a warm country.
Words cannot express the hate I feel for cold, and the love i feel for heat.
I NEED some heat. I need to be able to look out of my window and see the sun more often than once per two months, I need to be able to go to the foodstore without thinking if I'll make it, or if I'll just sit down and die half way.

I'm cruising weather.com, looking for suitable places for me to live, and the middle east isn't looking too bad at the moment. I'd love to live in a country where sub-zero temperatures are a virtual impossibility.

My friend just suggested thailand, which might be nice, but I know very little about the country, and I'm fairly sure I don't speak anything remotely close to thai.

Southern spain, the middle east, nothern africa, south-east asia, these are all places with acceptable climates, and I'd move there in a heartbeat if I had a job lined up.
The only problem with moving outside europe is the citizenship deal.
Hopefully, some company or university will find my talens unsurpassable and irreplacable, and invite me to teach there, and they'll hook me up with a green card and everything else.

A boy can dream, can't he...

I'd like to promise myself something like "before I'm 30, I will live in a warm country on a permanent basis", but the only surefire way to do that is to go to jail in such a country, and I don't think a thai prison is where I want to be.

30, that's only 3 years away from now. Why does it feel like my life will be over when I'm 30?
For some odd reason, it feels like life will end. Then again, that's what I said about 25 when I was 21, so it's probably nothing, but I still don't like growing old with nothing to show for it.
I'm still stuck on this godforsaken spit of land.


/me is out

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

T3h grrlz

Can someone explain this phenomena that I've just observed to me?
It seems that whenever I find someone who I'm really attracted to, and not just on a physical level, they immediately go out and find ththe love of their life?
We usually know each other for something like 2-3 weeks before the girl in question suddenly finds a new boyfriend.
And I know what you're thinking, she just "developed" a boyfriend to get rid of me, but that's not the case, because we stay really good friends and I meet the boyfriend and everything, so it's not just some clever (oldest trick in the book?) ruse to get rid of me.

I can never catch a fucking break, never, not once...

In return, however, I have a great set of girl friends (not girl friends, girl friends, heavy on the "friend"), but no girl friend, if you know what I mean.
Granted, I value friendship more than a fleeting relationship, but I suppose that's because I have never actually been in love with any of my girl friends. I've had my fair share, but none of them have really done it for me, love-wise.
I'm sure I'd re-evaluate my views on friendship being more worth then a boy friend-girl friend kind of thing if I found someone that I actually fell in love with, but hey, until that happens, I'm standing firm.

This fucking winter ain't helping my mood either....

I just know murphy is out there somewhere, laughing his sick fucking ass off at my so-calls "missfortune", which is obviously all his doing.

I feel kind of like Salieri in the movie Amadeus. Except without someone to envy, and none of the religious crap. I just feel overlooked, and I feel that good things come to everybody else, just NOT me.

This is quickly turning into a tirade, so I'll stop now.

--Markus out.

P.S Bill Murray portrayed Hunter S. Thompson quite well in Where the Buffalo Roam. D.S