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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No more blue buttons in firefox

I recently started using windows 7. When I did, I noticed that the look of firefox had changed. In windows XP I was used to the back and forward buttons being green, the stop being red, etc. In windows 7, everything is the same godawful blue color. "How do I change firefox in windows 7 so that it looks like it did in windows xp?", I asked myself (and googled for). Well, it turns out that the answer is quite simple. You run it in the windows xp compatibility mode. By setting the compatibility mode to windows xp, service pack 3, the nice familiar look came back. I don't yet know if it'll have any adverse effects, but I'm assuming I'll find out later. Problem solved, and the internet at large was absolutely no help at all. A friend of mine on IRC figured it was worth a try and he was right. Thanks, friend!

As an aside, I can't write for shit these days. It should like someone else is blogging for me. It's like I only have something to say, and I type it up. No sense of style of cadence or anything. It's terrible. In this case, I wanted to share my new-found knowledge with the internet (since a google search gave me nothing). Normally, though, ... Well, like I said, I've got nothing... Maybe next year...

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