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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Performance Driving

Last night was a blast.
Like I said, we had been out driving the other night, found some nice roads, and then posted to two forums about checking them out tonight, and would anybody care to join us.
Over 15 cars showed up!

Subaru Impreza, Viper GTS, Nissan 200sx, Z3, BMW 330Ci, Honda s2000, Opel Speedster, Mazda Miata =)

My friend took the lead, and I stayed back, making sure nobody was left astray. Any other configuration would have been crazy, since his car has more than 3 times the power and performance mine has.

The roads were nice, but the quality of them weren't. Potholes and poor asphalt. Ohh, and very angry people. Some guy had come out to my friend in the lead with a knife acting all crazy. Once I'd passed he put a huge board across the road, just to make life miserable for us, should we decide to take the same road back. Of course we didn't, but that kind of obstacle could have easily landed some of the lower cars through the mans living room window, and could very well have injured alot of people, and alot of cars. The world is just chock full of fucking maniacs.
I had absolutely no problem staying on the rest of the groups tail on the narrower roads, even though I had an inferior engine. When we got to the two-lane windows roads however, I had to work my ass of to just keep them in sight. With superior acceleration and topspeed, I was no match for them. True, I had ridden the smaller roads the day before, and never ridden the big one, but still. On our way back though, I got complimented on my ability to hang on with my relatively small engine. That always feels great. I think it has to say something about my driving ability, as it also states that my car, quite obviously, cornerslikemad. =)

Hopefully, we will have more night like this before the summer is over. Less the crazy people with knives, ofcourse.

-- Markus out


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