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filling the void

Friday, June 09, 2006

Share The Experience

I want someone to share my experiences with.
What experiences you ask?
Any experiences. Things I like to do, things I feel passionate about, things I enjoy.
Not only do I want someone to share my experiences with, I want that person to feel the same way that I do about the experiences we share.
Sure, some things are fun to do alone, but most things are better when you share them with someone.

Sometimes my life feels empty, sometimes my life feels full. I just know that when I do things that I enjoy on my own, I often wish that there was someone there to share them with me.

Most recently, it's driving. Other times, it's enjoying the occasional sun and warm weather. Sometimes it's video games. Other times it's dinner.
Sometimes it's a movie. Other times it's a stroll.

Whatever it is that I enjoy, I often wish that someone was there to enjoy it with me....


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