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Thursday, May 11, 2006


So, one of my favourite pen and paper RPGs is coming to the xbox 360. Granted, I will never own this console, but it's pretty damn cool that such a good game has made it into the world of computer games. (Again, it was available on the SNES and Genesis, but that's another story)

However, they've done things to the story line and the mechanics of the universe that differ radically from the "real" shadowrun.
The thing is, I know where they're coming form with this, and I'm quite ready to accept it.
Mitch Gitelman, the Studio Manager for the game layed the reasons out in this blog entry on their site.
I must say, he makes a compelling argument.
On the other hand, we have this blog post, which probably represents alot of the older fans of the game.
I'm not sure about this, as they all are valid points. I can imagine that there are things that the studio could have done better, but I also strongly believe that if they had stuck 100% to the pen and paper game, it would not have come out on a console ever.
Much like how some books need to be adapted for the silver screen, RPGs normally need some coercing to fit into the realm of playable console games.

You should decide for yourself, so here is a link to the trailer, which looks absolutely faboulus btw. ;)


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