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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Dentist

Double Crap.

My dentist just called me to infor me that I had missed my appointment. I knew I was going, I just wasn't sure when (I thought it was sometime next week), and they usually send me an sms message the night before, so I was confident that I woulnd't miss the appointment due to the reminder.

So there I am, fixing some cables or whatever, and they call me, 10 mintues after I was supposed to be there. "You just missed your appointment, that'll be 500SEK".
Great, like I don't have money troubles already. (The car doesn't count, different pile of money, I can get that pile back)

So now I'm out 500SEK, and I have to wait around for another MONTH to get another appointment, and that'll happen when I'm back in school, so I have to pay more money just to travel down here.
Not to mention the fact that the visit itself vill set me back some 800SEK.

All this in a socialist country where we're supposed to help eachother, and all the healthcare is supposed to be payed for by our taxes...
Think again.
It would appear that my taxes payed for everybody elses healthcare but my own.
Ok, that ruined a perfectly good (well, normal anyway) day.

Now I'm going to head home. No more work for me today.

--Markus out


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