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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Digital Content Delivery

What if I believe in digital online content delivery?
What if I think that it's the best idea I've heard in a long time?
What if I'm psyched that there's finally an acceptable payment model for music?
What if I want to buy a bunch of songs, just to find that the online stores don't have any of the music I want, what then?
What if I was to tell you that, while digital content delivery is an excellent idea, it won't work until you can purchase the right to have something digital, regardless of the source.

I want to be able to pay some record company for, say, 100 of their songs, and they are to not care how I got them. Maybe I copied them from friends, maybe I downloaded them (illegally), maybe I found them on a USB stick at school. It wouldn't matter, because I still have this license to own so many of their songs. This would work, because then I could get the kind of music that I want in digital format and not have to have these horrible CDs that take up so much space.
Of course, DRM would be out of the question, but it seems that DRM is going the way of the dodo anyway, so that would be less of a problem.
iTunes and its ilk works great for mainstream music, but as soon as you want music from a record label that isn't one of the enormous ones, you're shit out of luck.

(What if I think that, for once, the blogger spell checker would work? Would that be too much to ask?)

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