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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


While it's possible for me to write several posts with that delicious title, I'm giving it to this one (so far my titles are unique, I think).
I was listening to c.o.p project - pornostar and I decided I wanted the lyrics, for a quote or two, so I went to google.
Lyrics are normally a breeze to find, and they are generally correct. This time only the former was true. Google gives me about 3200 hits, but it's apparently been the parade of retards on the lyrics scene, or it's just been automatically transcribed by some bad voice recognition software.
After about 5 hits, it's painfully apparent that all the lyrics sites on the internet just blatantly copy each other, because the errors are exactly the same ones, and there are errors aplenty.
I know that lyrics don't always follow the grammatical norms, but this is ridiculus.
Listening to the lyrics it is painfully clear that the voice coming out of my speakers is not saying the same things that this epileptic monkey has scribbed on the webpage (nothing against epileptics, they fight a tough fight, but this looks like transcription in mid-seizure).
Whomever it was who said that an infinite amount of monkeys on typewriters would produce the complete works of Shakespere was only partially right. What they seem to have produces is the content on the internet.

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