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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Van Eck Phreaking

Van Eck phreaking (or TEMPEST technologies, denepding on where you read it first) is about reading information from electro-magnetic radiation. What it will allow someone to do, for example, is read your monitor from a distance, based solely on the electro-magnetic radiation that comes off of it.
I first read about van Eck phreaking in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. It is used a couple of times, and I was instantly intrigued. Since then it's made it around the net a couple of times, and today I picked it up again from a post on hacksine. They even had a link to the paper by Wim van Eck from 1985 (in astonishing quality, compared to most old papers that I come across).
I was even more excited when I found a little blurb about the author, and it turns out that he's an alumn from my university, Twente University. Sadly the discovery seems to have come some years later when he was working at some other company, but still.

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